A dashboard for GitHub writers

Your GitHub Backed Writing Dashboard

  • Calculates your daily word count in the cloud

  • Shows a "don't break the chain" dashboard

  • No local software to install or run

  • Free to use, run, and extend

  • Dev tools friendly (use all your favorite tooling)

  • Browser friendly (use all your favorite extensions)

  • Netlify friendly

JAMBook overview

JAMBook a free writing utility that tracks how many words you write a day and provides a dashboard view of your writing streak to encourage a "don't break the chain" habit. I became interested in using GitHub as my primary writing tool and wrote a series of blog posts documenting my journey. Then over Christmas break (2020) decided to have a simple utility built to track my writing with more granular precision. Thus JAMBook.io was born.

What's Next?

While JAMBook works and does what it's supposed to, it could be a lot more. My original motivation was for it to have access controls and Bitcoin payment processing because having that would mean it could be a mostly free alternative to Leanpub. I've decided to let it bake for now and see what users in the wild think first. If you are finding it useful, please consider contributing to the code or making a donation to the project.

About me

My name is Justice. 👋 I'm an ex-developer turned Agilist who loves applying software to problems in interesting ways.

Credit to Markus Hatvan who wrote this current (first) version of JAMBook.

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